Enchanting Zamboanga Tourism

Jonny Barker, Zamboanga

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the enchanting Zamboanga City and its top tourist attractions:

  1. Santa Cruz Islands:
    • Pink Beach (Sta. Cruz Grande Island): Off the coast of Zamboanga Peninsula lies an island that, when kissed by the sun, glows with a natural rosy blush. The sandy shore appears white from afar, but as you get closer, the pale pink tint becomes more apparent. This unique color comes from the weathering of red organ-pipe corals that wash ashore.
    • Mangroves Boat Tour (Sta. Cruz Grande Island): Explore the mangroves surrounding the islands and enjoy the serene beauty of nature.
  2. Once Islas Cruise (11 Islands):
    • Explore a cluster of eleven islands, each with its own charm:
      • Bisaya-Bisaya Island
      • Baung-Baung Island
      • Sirommon Island
      • Buh-Buh Island
  3. Zamboanga City Heritage Tour:
    • El Museo de Zamboanga: Discover the city’s rich history and culture through exhibits and artifacts.
    • Pasonanca Park & Scout Limbaga Campsite: Enjoy lush greenery, gardens, and a treehouse.
    • Climaco Freedom Park: A peaceful park dedicated to a former mayor.
    • Fort Pilar Shrine and Museum: Explore a historic Spanish fort and learn about Zamboanga’s past.
    • ZSCMST Bird Sanctuary: Birdwatching enthusiasts will appreciate this sanctuary.
    • Paseo del Mar: The main jump-off point to Pink Beach and a great spot for leisurely walks.
    • Canelar Barter Trade Center: Experience the vibrant local market.
    • Zamboanga City Hall: Admire the colonial architecture.
    • Yakan Weaving Village: Witness traditional weaving techniques.
  4. Zamboanga Food Trip:
    • Curacha (Spanner Crabs): Try this local delicacy.
    • Moro Cuisine: Explore the flavors of Mindanao.
    • Knickerbocker: A refreshing dessert.
    • Satti and Street Food: Sample street food delights.
    • Suggested Restaurants – Pietros and Alavar in Tetuan District
  5. Other Worthy Attractions & Activities:
    • Zamboanga Hermosa Festival: Join the colorful festivities.
    • Taluksangay Mosque: Visit this historic mosque.
    • Merloquet Falls: Take a refreshing dip.
    • Learn Chavacano: The local language blend of Spanish and Filipino.
  6. How to Get to Zamboanga City:
    • The city is accessible by air, with daily flights available.
    • Where to Stay: Explore various hotels in Zamboanga City for a comfortable stay.

Remember to immerse yourself in the local culture, savor the cuisine, and enjoy the warm hospitality of Zamboanga! 🌟 For more details, you can also check out the official Zamboanga City website and the Department of Tourism Philippines page12. Happy travels!